What is GTalkabout?

  GTalkabout is a tool for computer professionals to research, discuss and study source code.


  GTalkabout is an application which, when writing code, allows the programmer to place a message within that source area. These simple messages can be used to record the function of the code (similar to comments), the results discovered (you can insert images), for connecting external code (the code can be marked to patch) and many additional uses to help through the development process.

  Along with the development of ongoing code, the more messages written will then change along with the associated code, automatically calculate a new position, make messages as accurately as written comments within the program.

  Additional benefits include text support, images, screenshots and all of these messages within the code can be displayed together. The developers can also filter shows, link multiple related projects and with the Professional version, can be sent to the development team. The Client Edition will allow the end user to post and add comments in the GTalkabout website.

  In addition, GTalkabout discussion code uses subversion for version control. This allows integration of a graphical subversion client. The controls will have SVN commit, update, log, information, and so on for almost all operations. It is also intuitive to view modified file versions in real time which tracks changes conveniently.

  If you're a busy developer you can also change the server configuration to automatically generate at the local repository to manage your code. The developer also has the ability to configure a subversion server remote connection.

  There are additional benefits, for example; it can synchronize a mirror repository automatically for you, as long as it is not operating while another read operation is processing. A mirror repository will greatly improve access speed. This allows the end user to view the remote repository offline.

Who can benefit from it?

  If you're an open source project author, this program can help you publish and control your code and retrieve valuable user feedback like bug reports, execution results, and suggestions etc.

  This program can help the development team of a company in recording their ideas, storing their work, and exchanging views through instant messages.

  GTalkabout is also useful for individual programmers as they can record their work, create milestones, and track modifications.

GTalkabout on phpBB

A phpBB client

  GTalkabout on phpBB is a type of client edtion. it allows the user to discuss the source code easily and openly on phpBB forums (hence it focuses on open source code); phpBB is a type of 'bulletin board' (BBS Board) style Internet forum, free to use and written in php.
  This edition focuses on open source projects involving such sites as GoogleCode, SourceForge, Github, as well as Subversion repositories, giving developers and users access to tools of convenience for their Internet-intensive projects.